«Alabuga» has launched a 3PL service on the territory of the SEZ


3PL service has been introduced on the territory of the Special Economic Zone «Alabuga». The first client of SEZ was SIBUR PJSC. The agreement between the parties was signed for three months with the possibility of prolongation.

It should be noted that the service is provided in test mode. Storage of goods is carried out on the basis of «Synergy» 13. The area of the industrial and technological park is 38 thousand square meters, 10 thousand of which will be used by «SIBUR».

«We have agreed with our colleagues from SIBUR on a three-month contract with the possibility of extension. Under it, we provide them with 3PL logistics services» said Timur Mingazov, Deputy General Director for Interaction with Residents, Development of Engineering Potential and Operation of SEZ Alabuga. - That is, they send us road cargo, and we unload it, store it, label it and, when necessary, load it into containers, which from our logistics site will go for export, or to the necessary point inside Russia.

Therefore, the owner of the goods does not need to spend resources to maintain its own warehouse, buy transport for delivery and hire professionals, which greatly simplifies the business.

In the future, 3PL service will also become available to SEZ residents on the basis of Synergy Industrial and Technological Park 27.5, where rack storage will be organized. The building shell is already ready.

It is planned that work in this direction will begin in the second quarter of 2023. SEZ already has a confirmed request from companies KPR, SIBUR, IONIK, Knauf, Drylock, etc.

«Alabuga» is the № 1 special economic zone in Russia. Today «Alabuga» is a full-cycle partner, which provides the best engineering, construction, personnel, social infrastructure. More than 30 unique import-substituting production facilities are located on the territory of SEZ, which are leaders in their industries. The total amount of private investment is 162 billion rubles, 10.5 thousand jobs were created, and the revenue of the residents for 2022 was about 140 billion rubles.