«Alabuga has planted 6 thousand trees in Nizhnekamsk as part of the «Ethylene 600» project


The Special Economic Zone «Alabuga» organized an ecological event in the Nizhnekamsk district. 300 students of «Alabuga Polytechnic» planted 6 thousand trees on an area of 1.5 ha.

Ramil Mullin, head of the Nizhnekamsk municipal district, Fayaz Shakirov, head of the Volga-Kama interregional department of the Rosprirodnadzor, and Alexander Zaichenko, deputy director general, head of the new sites development service of SEZ Alabuga, also took part in the planting of trees.

Before the start of the action Director of Nizhnekamsk forestry Roman Fedotov gave a master class on planting tree saplings. The students learned all the details of tree planting from a professional and proceeded with enthusiasm. In total, the students planted 6,000 new saplings.

«I want to thank the Alabuga company for such an initiative. Today's saplings very soon will turn into beautiful, tall trees. This is our contribution to the future, - noted Mullin. - We have big, ambitious plans together with Alabuga and SIBUR. Ethylene 600 project is, one might say, the second birth of our petrochemistry. It is a very serious complex. Very serious investments with high-tech and environmentally friendly productions, which will give a great economic effect».

He added that the industrial park «Ethylene 600» will enable the development of small and medium chemical enterprises: «Ethylene 600» will make Nizhnekamsk not only the capital of petrochemistry in Tatarstan, but the whole of Russia.

Representatives of Rosprirodnadzor also thanked the students of Alabuga Polytechnic for their caring attitude to the environment, noting their activity in this direction.

«Alabuga Polytechnic» not only teaches students to develop industry, but also to love nature. Today «Alabuga» develops a new project «Ethylene 600» in Nizhnekamsk. As part of this project we undertake to develop the environmental part as well, - said Alexander Zaichenko. - We have planted 6 thousand trees: 5.5 thousand conifers and 500 oak seedlings. We plan to further develop social and ecological projects in Nizhnekamsk».

As a reminder, SEZ Alabuga and SIBUR signed an agreement on creating the industrial park «Ethylene 600». The total volume of investments in the project will amount to more than 1.3 trillion rubles, of which 140 billion rubles will be invested by «Alabuga».

«Ethylene - 600» is the unique project in Russia, where producers of small- and medium-tonnage chemicals will be able to get unique access to oil and gas-chemical raw materials.