Alabuga is recognized as Tatarstan’s best investor of the year for the development of Ethylene 600 industrial park


Alabuga Special Economic Zone received “Tatarstan’s investor of the year” award. It was announced by the Rais Rustam Minnikhanov at the investors club of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Alabuga was noted for the development of Ethylene 600 Industrial Park. Taliya Minullina, Chief Executive of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, presented the award to Timur Shagivaleev, CEO of SEZ Alabuga.

“To accompany the most complex projects, we need pro-active people. Today, we are proud of our projects and the people behind them. It all needs the special attention and special responsibility,” said Minnikhanov.

Besides, the Rais added that for Tatarstan’s leadership, the success and development of our projects are of paramount importance. “We are really interested in your business’s success,” he said, addressing the participants of the meeting.

Let us remind you that Ethylene 600 Industrial Park is a common project of Alabuga SEZ and PJSC Sibur. The total investment in the project will be 1.3 trillion rubles, of which 140 billion rubles will be invested by Alabuga.

Ethylene 600 Industrial Park will be one of a kind in Russia, where producers of medium- and low-tonnage chemistry will be able to access petrochemical raw materials: ethylene, propylene, benzene, butadiene, etc.

Russia imports 16.4 million tons of chemicals, which is 3 trillion rubles. In the past many small, medium and large companies could not implement their projects due to a lack of raw materials and infrastructure, but Ethylene 600 might change the situation. Here are some import-substituting plants’ products: MDI, epoxy resins, ABS plastics, polyethylene terephthalate, etc. Also it is planned to train around 10,000 qualified staff annually in the fields of mechatronics, chemistry, and microelectronics.

In the framework of the industrial park, the construction of Russia’s largest logistics terminal started in 2023. It is named after Deng Xiaoping, the great Chinese reformer. The total area of the site is 65 ha. The length of the container yard is 1.05 km, which will allow you to load and unload a whole container train without extra maneuvering. The design capacity of the terminal will be over 100 thousand containers annually.

Photo: Business Online.