«Alabuga Polytech: «We improve our skills in terms of training for tech entrepreneurs every year»


Today Alabuga Polytech held a ceremonial line-up in honor of the start of the new academic year. This year, the educational center welcomed more than 1,200 new students, crossing the one thousand freshmen mark for the first time.

Elvira Fomina, head of administration service of the educational cluster of SEZ «Alabuga» and Artem Galiev, deputy general director for HR, as well as senior students who already manage large projects in «Alabuga» greeted the college students at the line-up.

«We are launching the fifth academic year at the Alabuga Polytech Education Center. This means We improve our skills in terms of training for tech entrepreneurs every year, - primarily for SEZ Alabuga» Fomina said. - Today our number of first-year students for the first time exceeded the threshold of 1,000 applicants for admission. This is a great indicator, but it is not the limit. «Alabuga Polytech is an educational center that plans to recruit up to 10,000 people annually. We have chosen strong guys, but the strongest of you, who are not afraid of difficulties, will reach the end with us».

«Welcome to Alabuga Polytech! You’re in luck! - you have found yourself in a company that concentrates the energy and talent of our country's best specialists. This will allow you to develop and protect our country. The country hopes for Alabuga, Alabuga hopes for you!» - Galiev addressed the freshmen.

After the line-up, the students gathered with ideologists and deans of directions, who told about the upcoming academic period, shared useful information and answered all the questions. Thus, the freshmen got a clear idea of what awaits them in the coming months.

To celebrate the end of the holiday, Alabuga Polytech freshmen ran a relay race and enjoyed the natural views of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, as well as the last warm days. This is a great opportunity for students to show their physical endurance and leadership skills.

As a reminder, Alabuga Polytech implements a dual training program, under which college students study at modern equipment under the mentorship of the best engineers of the resident plants of SEZ «Alabuga» in the first half of the day, and in the second half of the day they study subjects in institutions of secondary and specialized education. At the same time, they undergo internships in the company's specialized divisions. Upon completion of training, graduates become highly qualified and in-demand specialists in the labor market, having work experience behind them.

At Alabuga Polytech, students are able to get the most up-to-date specialization in 17 areas of training: «Industrial Robotics», «Laboratory and Chemical Analysis», «Business Programming», «Microelectronics», «Industrial Automation», «International Pedagogy», «Electrical Engineering», «BIM Programming», «Justice», «Economics», «Business Informatics on 1C platform», «Medical Technology», «Installation and Operation of Industrial Equipment», «CNC Machine Tool Programming», «Aeronautical Navigation and UAV Programming», «Industrial Safety», « General Medicine».