Alabuga SEZ is the efficiency leader in 2023: The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation


Alabuga was recognized as the efficiency leader among Russian SEZs by the end of 2023. Such data is provided in the report of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, which is sent to the Russian Government

Alabuga SEZ is recognized as a leader among Russian special economic zones in terms of job creation by its residents and management company. In 2023, Alabuga created 5,321 new jobs, nearly quadrupling the number from 2022.

“The dynamics of special economic zones (SEZs) have been steadily positive. Over the years, this tool has only gained momentum and become more attractive to businesses, and therefore more effective for the state. In fact, the state has been in the black for the second year due to accumulated tax returns from SEZs,” said Dmitry Vakhrukov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia.

This year, for the first time, the department assessed the multiplier effects of the work of Russian Special Economic Zones (SEZs). As a result, it was recorded that by the end of 2023, the contribution of SEZ residents to Russia's GDP amounted to over 1.2 trillion rubles - a 36% increase compared to the previous year, according to the Deputy Minister.

The efficiency of the SEZ operation was evaluated using 25 absolute and relative quantitative indicators, as well as six calculated efficiency indicators. The activities of residents, the profitability of investing federal and regional budgets in the infrastructure development, the performance of government bodies, and other parameters were taken into account.

Today, Alabuga is a special economic zone where ambitious, advanced practices are being implemented in the areas of financing new projects, establishing new industries, training and attracting personnel.

The territory of the special economic zone encompasses approximately 40 unique import-substituting industries - leaders in their respective fields. To date, over 17,000 jobs have been created in the Alabuga SEZ. The total investment volume stands at 171.5 billion rubles. In 2023, the amount of taxes paid by Alabuga SEZ residents to the budget systems of Russia amounted to 18.7 billion rubles.