August-Alabuga produces the record volume of crop protection agents


The year of 2023 was a significant year for August-Alabuga factory. 21.7 million liters of crop protection agents were manufactured at the plant.

The 2023 year’s results were wrapped up on December 27, 2023, where it was revealed that August-Alabuga plant, a production site of August company, the leader of the national pesticide market, produced over 21.7 million liters of agents for crop protection against weeds, diseases, and pests, and it exceeds the last year’s figure.

Consistent quality, which was highly valued many times at the republic’s and all-Russia levels, is a key marker of the company’s success.

Thus, in 2022, “Suhovei” herbicide was awarded with “Industrial Goods” nomination at Tatarstan competition and was a winner of “100 Best Goods of Russia” contest. In 2023, “Baliy” pesticide became the Republic’s first-degree diploma winner in “Industrial Goods” nomination and a winner in the “100 Best Goods of Russia” contest. It is worth noting that 397 kinds of products and services from 189 industrial companies were on the list of contestants at the Republic’s level.

Production figures of the plant are constantly growing. If in 2022 the plant manufactured 20.2 million liters of agents, then in 2023 it resulted in 21.7 million liters of produce. The maximum monthly production volume reached 3.16 million liters of agents in May. Beyond that, the production of two new agents was launched in 2023: in April, “Oplot Trio” seed protectant in an aqueous suspension concentrate form (ASC), and in November, “Dublon” in a suspension concentrate form (SC).

Participation in “Labor efficiency” national project, thanks to it the productivity rate of ASC herbicide and SC fungicide production at technological lines increased, which contributed to an increase in production volume.

In a year, the volume of goods shipped to farmers has increased: it reached 21.7 million liters, but in 2022, this figure was 19.3 million liters.

Based on the year’s results, the plant continues to increase the production and dispatch volume of crop protection quality products to landowners.

Let us remind that August-Alabuga began its operation on the territory of Alabuga SEZ in 2016. A cutting-edge plant produces large-tonnage liquid formulation pesticides. It is an industrial site of August company, the top player in Russia’s chemical weed and pest killer market.