Europe’s premier SEZ now connects Moscow and St. Petersburg with official opening of Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone’s production building in Velikiy Novgorod


The project was successfully implemented by the Alabuga SEZ team, which was granted full autonomy and creative freedom

The opening ceremony of the first production building in the Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone took place in Veliky Novgorod. The event was attended by Maksim Oreshkin, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office; Andrey Nikitin, Governor of the Novgorod Region; Artur Ayupov, General Director of the Novgorodskaya SEZ; and other notable figures.

By agreement between the region and the Republic of Tatarstan, the team of the Alabuga special economic zone was granted full authority to create a new special economic zone (SEZ) in the region, following the same principles as the best SEZ in Russia. Alabuga's application of the best international practices has contributed to the active and effective development of the site, creating a favorable investment climate for the growth of Russian industry.

The Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is one of the largest investment projects in the Novgorod region. The construction of the first production building has been completed; it is 100% filled with operating resident companies.

“I'm thrilled to see everything developing well here. The real proof of success is the 100% utilization of the area. We've reached the final stage of the project, and it's amazing to see production buildings and new facilities kicking into gear. This means a huge influx of new jobs, which is fantastic news. And the best part? The project is far from over. We're expecting it to continue growing, attracting even more residents, and ultimately creating a robust production hub in the Novgorod region,” highlighted Oreshkin.

To date, 10 resident-organizations calling this place home. The governor of the region really drove the point during the opening ceremony. He emphasized that the work just getting started: “Our next big challenge is to bring this site to life, with top-notch facilities, reliable electricity, and robust networks. We've already crushed the first stage, but we're not done yet. What we thought would take three years, we managed to achieve in just one. And we're not slowing down – we're moving forward!” Nikitin said.

Ayupov expressed his gratitude to everyone for their support, stating, “Today, we are honored to participate in the grand opening of the first production building within the Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone. This significant milestone would not have been achievable without the unwavering support of our country's leader, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Governor of the Novgorod Region, Andrey Nikitin, for entrusting the Alabuga team with the responsibility of implementing this large-scale project.”

In addition to the opening of the production building of the Novgorodskaya SEZ, the production of two enterprises was officially launched today: Energotek LLC and Novye Truby JSC.

The Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is situated on the territory of the Novgorod district, in close proximity to Veliky Novgorod and the federal highway M-10. As of now, 10 organizations have been granted the status of residents within the Novgorodskaya SEZ. This has led to the creation of over 1,200 jobs, with investments totaling 7.4 billion rubles.