Good preconditions for the expansion of Belarusian-Tatarstan relations - Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus visits the Alabuga SEZ


During the Xth meeting of the joint working group on cooperation between Belarus and Tatarstan, a delegation led by Petr Parkhomchik, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, and Oleg Korobchenko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan, visited Alabuga Special Economic Zone.

The guests had a tour of the Aurus factory, where premium cars are produced, which is located in one of the industrial parks on the Alabuga SEZ territory.

To create such import-substituting projects, a mere land parcel falls short of requirements. Alabuga, in its efforts to enhance the investment environment within the Russian Federation and its regions, establishes optimal conditions for executing substantial ventures. These include pre-existing power grid infrastructure, advantageous technical connection to energy sources, tax incentives, a skilled contemporary workforce, all contributing to national security and fostering economic prosperity.

“Tatarstan is keen on enhancing economic and investment connections with Belarusian partners,” Korobchenko stated. “Collaboration in automotive, aircraft, petrochemicals, agriculture, and healthcare sectors holds significant promise. Favorable conditions exist for extending Belarusian-Tatarstan ties in areas such as culture, sports, and tourism.”

A friendly reminder: Aurus, a premium automobile manufacturer with a production capacity of 5,000 cars per year, launched operations in May 2021. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, took part in the opening ceremony of the Aurus plant.