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«I am impressed with Alabuga» the chairman of the board of «RSD» met with the participants of the Interregional student building «Alabuga-2023»


A business meeting of the Youth All-Russian Public Organization «Russian Student Detachments» management with the participants of the labor projects «Alabuga Composite» and «Alabuga Development» was held in the special economic zone «Alabuga». The event had passed on Friday, July 21.

The delegation included Mikhail Kiselev, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Paramonov, Head of the Central Headquarters of «RSD», Vasily Islayev a member of the Supervisory Board of the Youth Organization «RSD», Alexey Nagin, Head of the Student Squads Headquarters of the Volga Federal District.

The guests visited the territory of SEZ «Alabuga» and «Alabuga Polytech» - the largest educational center for the training of skilled workers with a target capacity of 10 thousand people per year. In addition, the delegation visited the South Park residential complex under construction, consisting of 11 five-storied houses and a park for walking in the center, where they talked to the participants of the labor project.

«To be honest, I am impressed with Alabuga. There was great desire to come here, because I believe that we should take all the most modern technologies and demonstrate them for the guys to see. Because they are going to move this country forward, and I would like them to approach their tasks in a progressive, non-standard way. For example, BIM-technologies. Everyone is talking about them now, but very few people use them. But here, in Alabuga, there is real practice - you can personally see how much they speed up processes. You come here in six months or a year and see real changes» shared his impressions of the RSD pre-manager Mikhail Kiselev.

In addition, within the framework of the working meeting a meeting on the development of cooperation between the organizations was held. The representatives of the parties discussed the issues of personnel partnership, prospects of training students in working professions for the enterprises-residents of the special economic zone, as well as the participation of SEZ «Alabuga» as a partner of the All-Russian gathering of student squads in Kazan on November 9-12, 2023.

As a reminder, Alabuga is the No. 1 special economic zone in Russia. Today it is a full-cycle partner that provides the best engineering, construction, human resources, and social infrastructure. The SEZ hosts more than 30 unique import-substituting production facilities that are leaders in their respective industries. The total amount of private investment is 162 billion rubles, 11 thousand jobs have been created, and the residents' revenue for 2022 amounted to 138 billion rubles.

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