IGS Agro, the resident of Alabuga SEZ harvests record-breaking amounts of champignons


IGS Agro, a leading producer of mushrooms and resident of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, achieved a record harvest in April 2024. During the month, the company collected a remarkable 425 tons of champignons. Azat Shaidullin, CEO of IGS Agro, shared the news with reporters, highlighting the company's success.

The head of the company also noted that the average yield in the first and second quarters of 2024 saw a significant increase of 25% compared to 2023, reaching 33.5 kilograms per square meter in two waves.

“The company's next goal is to achieve an annual mushroom production level of 6,000 tons, reaching a monthly production of 500 tons,” Shaidullin stated.

He also mentioned that in Alabuga, the company's management “would like to construct an additional building to double production output.”

“We already have the opportunity to create new capabilities using raw materials without additional investments,” the director stated.

IGS Agro has been operating in Alabuga since 2019, with an initial investment of approximately 1.8 billion rubles. Currently, around 200 people are employed at the enterprise.