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Ford Sollers has introduced new stages of quality control at the plant in "Alabuga"

The Ford Sollers Company introduced additional quality control stages at the plant in the special economic zone «Alabuga» to guarantee the high quality of the production of the vehicle body and minimal efforts at closing the doors. Uniform gaps of body panels and softly closing doors are indicators of high quality of car assembly.
An additional laser sensor was installed in the quality control zone, measuring the width of the gap between the two adjacent panels on the already assembled vehicle and the level of difference between them. The use of laser technology has allowed improving the accuracy of the measurement up to 1 millimeter. Uniform gaps affect not only the appearance but also the ease of opening doors, hood, trunk lid.
Another important addition to the quality control system was checking the closing force of the doors. At a new stage of monitoring, the speed sensor on the door locks controls the closing speed and checks for compliance with global Ford standards.
The production of Ford cars at the Ford Sollers plant in the special economic zone «Alabuga» started in 2012. Today, the company releases, using a technology of a full cycle, popular crossover Ford Kuga, the legendary off-road car Ford Explorer, and ruler of commercial cars Ford Transit.
According to the press service of the company

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