Representatives of Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Control and Accounts visit SEZ Alabuga


On December 8, in the framework of activities to exchange experience, the delegation of Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Control and Accounts visited SEZ Alabuga.    

The delegation included: managers of the inspection, Polina Anisimova, Pavel Dranishnikov and Denis Belyakov, and an auditor of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Tatarstan, Alexander Yakupov.

The delegation found out about the work in the company and major projects. Moreover, in the context of the visit, the guests could see with their own eyes the scale and infrastructure of the special economic zone during the tour around the SEZ.

High-profile guests also had a look at the biggest educational center, Alabuga Polytech, for training qualified labor. Its design capacity is 10,000 people. The guests learned about the dual-study program that is being implemented at Polytech, and also had a look at modern labs, where under the supervision of engineers from the resident plants the students gain knowledge and master their skills. Besides, the delegates had a tour of “Robopallets” cutting-edge production and educational facility, where the college students program robots and manage the process of production. The guests were really impressed by the personnel potential of Alabuga Polytech.    

“It is an exceptional large-scale project. It is always interesting to compare how all that is implemented in other regions. It is an incredibly rewarding experience,” Polina Anisimova shared her impressions of Alabuga Polytech, the manager of inspection at the Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Control and Accounts.

Later, during the site tour, the guests went to Alabuga Polytech headquarters. The guests commended the infrastructure of the multifunctional complex that includes offices and sport facilities for the staff of SEZ and Alabuga Polytech.

Alabuga Polytech headquarters is designed to place 2 thousand people. Its residents enjoy several zones for work and rest: assessment center that sits 750 people, multifunctional sport hall, dining halls, coworkings, meeting and study rooms.

SEZ Alabuga is the full-cycle partner that provides the best utility, construction, personnel, and social infrastructure. In the territory of SEZ, there are over 30 unique import phase-out production facilities that are leaders in their industry sectors. The total amount of private investment is 166 billion rubles, with 16 thousand jobs created, and the residents’ revenue amounted to 138 billion rubles.