Rustam Minnikhanov to the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan: «Alabuga Polytech is not a showroom; it is real guys doing work»


Rustam Minnikhanov, Rais (Head) of the Republic of Tatarstan, and Abdulla Aripov, Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, have highly appreciated the infrastructure of Alabuga Polytech, Russia's largest educational center with a target capacity of 10,000 students per year. The delegation has visited it today, September 18, during a working trip to the special economic zone «Alabuga».

During the business visit, the guests visited several resident plants of the SEZ. In particular, they visited the Kastamonu plant, which has been producing MDF, HDF and laminated flooring boards on the territory of the special economic zone «Alabuga» since 2014. The company occupies 20% of the volume of the Russian flooring market in the laminate segment, which makes it an absolute leader in this area.

After that Minnikhanov and Aripov got acquainted with the infrastructure of the plants «Alabuga Fiber» and PAN-Precursor - the only enterprise in Russia producing carbon materials necessary for creation of wing, mechanization elements and tail plumage of the passenger airliner MS-21-300 being created in Russia - UMATEX company (Rosatom). Rais of Tatarstan reminded that the unique character of the project is also in the fact that «Alabuga» has funded 50% of the expenses for the creation of the new composite plant of «Rosatom», the investments in which amounted to about 8.5 billion rubles.

The delegation also visited the plant for the production of AURUS cars. As a reminder, their serial production on the territory of SEZ was launched in May 2021 in the ready industrial areas, which were built and provided to the investor by «Alabuga».

«Why is the plant located in the SEZ «Alabuga»? Firstly, the special economic zone has provided the company with ready-made industrial premises, » Rustam Nurgaliyevich noted. - Plus in the neighborhood there are enterprises of related industries. Metal is brought here in coils, and the company «Coskunoz Alabuga» cuts and stamps it. Welding and painting of bodies takes place at the neighboring Sollers plant, and the final assembly takes place here. Everything is available here. The whole process takes place on the territory of our special economic zone.

Rais (Head) of Tatarstan also personally introduced the guests to Russia's largest educational center «Alabuga Polytech» with a target capacity of 10,000 people per year. It should be reminded that a dual training program is implemented here, under which college students study at modern equipment under the mentorship of the best engineers of the resident plants of SEZ «Alabuga» in the first half of the day, and in the second half of the day they study subjects in specialized secondary education institutions. At the same time, they undergo internships in specialized divisions of the company. And upon graduation, the graduates become highly qualified and sought-after specialists in the labor market, having work experience behind them.

«Today young guys from all over the world are brought up here. A serious system of personnel training is built here, there are all in-demand specialties. You will see everything now and say: «We need such a thing too» Minnikhanov said.

The guests toured the training laboratories and talked to Alabuga Polytech students: «These are such specialists that Alabuga Polytech trains. They are in their second year of study, but they are already trained specialists» Rustam Nurgaliyevich said after talking to the college students. - Here the guys do not just sit in a classroom, but also work, receiving a good salary. This is not a showroom, it is a real system that brings results. Some people study and then can't find a job. Here the guys are only in their second year, but they are already in demand on the labor market as specialists».

Alabuga is the No. 1 special economic zone in Russia. Today it is a full-cycle partner that provides the best engineering, construction, logistics, personnel and social infrastructure. The SEZ hosts more than 30 unique import-substituting production facilities that are leaders in their respective industries. The total amount of private investment is 163.9 billion rubles, more than 12 thousand jobs have been created, and the residents' revenue for 2022 amounted to 138 billion rubles.