SEZ «Alabuga» and «TransContainer» signed an agreement on the provision of terminal services in the largest logistics center of Russia


AlabugaExim LLC, the operator of the new container terminal being built within the Deng Xiaoping Logistics Center of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, will provide transportation and terminal services within the services of TransContainer PJSC (part of the Delo Group of Companies).

Deng Xiaoping Logistics Center is to become a part of the industrial park «Ethylene 600». The logistic center will be the largest in Russia. It will receive e-commerce cargoes, components from China and send in the reverse direction polymers produced in the territory of industrial park «Ethylene 600». The designed capacity of the terminal will be 100 thousand containers per year.

The agreement between the parties was signed at the XIV International Economic Forum «Russia-Islamic World: Kazan Forum – 2023». The signatures on the document were put by the general director of SEZ «Alabuga» Timur Shagivaleev and the president of PJSC «TransContainer» Vitaly Evdokimenko.

The agreement was prepared within the framework of realization of agreements between the Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Delo» SC Sergey Shishkaryov and Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, reached during the meeting in September 2022.

The contract will provide TransContainer's clients with an end-to-end service at the Alabuga SEZ container terminal under construction, including delivery and removal of fitting platforms with containers, loading and unloading operations, terminal operations, formation of container trains, and forwarding options.

Term of services - from September 1, 2024 to September 1, 2029 inclusive. Expected volume of loading - 600 TEU per month, unloading - 1200 TEU per month.

«On the background of narrow «bottle-necks» in container logistics, Alabuga together with TransContainer will ensure the development of logistics services in Russia. The project implementation will make it possible to loop container supplies to China. The corresponding order was given by Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov. Moreover, Deng Xiaoping will become a convenient logistic hub for residents of the special economic zone, industrial park, as well as companies all over Russia. Alabuga plans to erect all necessary infrastructure ahead of time» - the General Director of SEZ «Alabuga» Timur Shagivaleev has commented on signing.

«TransContainer» sees serious potential for creation in Tatarstan of large hub for service of container streams. The company is very interested in and closely follows the transport projects in the region, development of the local cargo base and measures of federal and regional support of transport initiatives. Cooperation with SEZ Alabuga is an important step in this work» - said Vitaly Evdokimenko, President of TransContainer, after the signing.

For reference:

«Alabuga» is the No.1 special economic zone in Russia. Today it is a full-cycle partner, which provides the best engineering, construction, logistics, personnel and social infrastructure. More than 30 unique import-substituting production facilities are located on the territory of the SEZ, which are leaders in their industries. The total volume of private investment is 162 billion rubles, 10.5 thousand jobs have been created, and the residents' revenue for 2022 was about 140 billion rubles.

The Deng Xiaoping Logistics Terminal will be part of the Ethylene 600 Industrial Park - the only site in Russia where a unique window of opportunity has been created for producers of low- and medium-tonnage chemicals to get access to petrochemical raw materials. The agreement on construction of the park was signed in August 2022 between SEZ Alabuga and SIBUR PJSC. Total investments in the project will amount to 1.3 trillion rubles, of which 140 billion rubles will be invested by SEZ.

TransContainer PJSC is the leader of container railway logistics in Eurasia. Its fleet consists of 130 thsd. containers with a capacity of about 200 thsd. TEU and 40 thsd. fitting platforms. The company owns 40 railway terminals in Russia. Also TransContainer owns 58.67 % of shares of Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO) that owns 13 vessels. The only shareholder is Delo Group.