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SEZ «Alabuga» will develop railway infrastructure in Zakamye


Special Economic Zone «Alabuga» will lay 16 km of new railway tracks in Tukaevsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan as a part of the construction of a logistics complex named after Deng Xiaoping. Investments in the project will be around 3,4 billion rubles.

It is expected that the construction will be started this year. The project has been approved by the Kuibyshev railroad department.

«The new lines will already join the existing public lines – Krugloe Pole and Nikashnovka stations, - said Alexander Zaichenko, head of the new platforms development service of SEZ «Alabuga». – Such a decision with two tie points was made to ensure uninterrupted supply to the logistic complex without additional workload of the existing infrastructure».

The new lines will provide an efficient supply of finished polymer raw materials to the Asia-Pacific Region, provide facilities for an uninterrupted supply of spare parts and component units to production companies of automobile and consumer electronic, and minimalize logistic costs for product supply. The Deng Xiaoping Logistic Center will be part of the Ethylene 600 industrial state. The first building stage which involves investments of 20 billion rubles is expected to be complete by this year. More than 500 new jobs will produce with the putting into operation of the logistic center.

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