The first pile is hammered to start the construction of university campus in Velikiy Novgorod


In Velikiy Novgorod the first test pile was grandly hammered for the foundation of the campus. The Governor of the Novgorod oblast, Andrey Nikitin, and the General Director of SEZ Novgorodskaya, Arthur Ayupov, took part in the ceremony.

Aypov pointed out that today SEZ Novgorodskaya is ready to start civil and structural works: “The project is going through Glavgosexpertisa, the design was finished in August. We are waiting to pass the state expertise and construction permit, he noted. Today we hammered the test pile. These works are done to test soil density. The results of the test piling will be submitted to Glavgosexpertisa, and once we receive a construction permit, we will start building.”

To date, the construction site area of the university campus is completely cleared, the connection to the power grid has been done, access roads have been built, stockpile yard and construction camp site, construction site project office have been organized. The campus construction will be completed in late 2026. On the territory, there will be five modern residential buildings, interconnected with a multifunctional complex. According to Ayupov, during the campus construction Novgorod State University professors’ and students’ ideas will be implemented to have better concept of the campus.

The Governor of Novgorod Oblast underlined that the university campus will be an important part of the “сity-university” concept: “The modern university campus will be constructed following world standards, and will be a comfortable residence for university and college students, and young professionals who work in our special economic zone. It is a new crossbar and will reach it, that will make us carry on and move on,” said Nikitin.

He added that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said in his direct line that building a participating database is a priority goal for our country today, and Novgorod State University is busy with such projects.

We use the best world practices, which is why we are scaling our experience to other regions of the country. Thus, for example, this year we grandly opened the headquarters of Alabuga Polytech educational center with state-of-the-art infrastructure. A similar project is being developed in Velikiy Novgorod. Alabuga, as a full-cycle infrastructural partner, builds all infrastructure as well as social objects. Alabuga is the concentration of pro-active and talented young people, who can implement large-scale federal projects.

Let us recall that Novgorodskaya SEZ under the supervision of Alabuga SEZ was established in 2021 as a result of the signed agreement on collaboration between Alabuga SEZ and Novgorod region. Alabuga uses the best world practices, which contribute to the active and efficient growth of the site, creating a favorable investment climate for Russian industrial sector development.