The power within the people – Minnikhanov awards the CEO of SEZ Alabuga for innovative practices in the development of personnel potential


The CEO of Alabuga special economic zone, Timur Shagivaleev was declared the executive of the year in Tatarstan. Timur Shagivaleev received the Winner's certificate in the category “For active development of personnel potential” from Alexander Pesoshin, the Prime Minister of Tatarstan.

“Tatarstan is rich in initiative and enterprising people who are not afraid of taking responsibility. Moreover, the one thing all these experts have in common. They all share the desire to set high goals and achieve their fulfillment,” emphasized Pesoshin.

The Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, praised the contribution of the best executives of the Republic in solving the tasks of socio-economic development. “Tatarstan owes its success and achievements to you. I wish you productive work and goal achievement,” said Minnikhanov.

Alabuga SEZ is a full-cycle partner that provides the best utility, construction, social infrastructure, and personnel. Thus, Alabuga Polytech, the largest vocational educational center in Russia, operates in Alabuga, with a capacity 10,000 students per year and the center implements a dual-study program. Moreover, “100 Leaders” program and Alabuga-Start program are implemented there.

Today, Alabuga’s goal is to grow and develop new import-substituting production facilities. In this manner, Alabuga implements Ethylene 600 industrial park project. It is a unique window of opportunity for manufacturers to get access to petrochemical feedstock, which will ensure that the residents of the park have the entire necessary infrastructure to develop import phase-out production.

In the framework of Ethylene 600, there is a massive ongoing construction of the largest logistics terminal in Russia named after Deng Xiaoping. The terminal will provide the following services: short-term and long-term storage of cargo, loading and unloading works, order management and record keeping of warehouse goods, formation of cargo consignments, etc.

Implementation of such world-class projects is only possible with the energy, talent of the executives and the team. Alabuga develops the production sector for the wellbeing of people. Our company develops world-class infrastructure to support the growth of new production facilities. This implies both financial and HR infrastructure.