Well done, Alabuga! Much work has been done! – Rustam Minnikhanov about Yuzhniy Park residential complex.


Rustam Minnikhanov, Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan, on 31 January visited Yuzhniy Park residential complex in Elabuga city. The residential complex was built by Alabuga SEZ, the complex consists of eleven 5 floor blocks and is designed for 4.2 thousand people.

The construction of the residential complex started in January 2023. Note that Yuzhniy Park was constructed in the shortest time; nine months after the beginning of the construction, it was finished and welcomed its first residents.

The complex was built to implement SEZ Alabuga’s strategy to attract new personnel. For this goal, corresponding social and residential infrastructure is being created. The SEZ’s employees, Alabuga Polytech’s students, and Alabuga Start programme’s participants live in comfortable, furnished, and well-equipped flats.

There are playgrounds, sports courts, green park areas at the residential complex.

“I think this is an excellent project! In my opinion, we shall recommend it to our other industrial companies. Well done, Alabuga! You have done a lot of work. It should be pointed out that the staff is our number one priority,” said Mr.Minnikhanov.

Let us remind you that in the autumn of 2023, Rais of Tatarstan took part in the grand opening of Alabuga Polytech headquarters. It has all the necessary educational, office, sports, and residential infrastructure for special economic zone’s staff and Alabuga Polytech’s students.

Alabuga SEZ is a full-cycle partner that provides the best utility, construction, social infrastructure, and personnel. In the territory of SEZ, there are over 30 unique import phase-out production facilities that are the leaders in their industry. The total amount of private investment is 166 billion rubles, with 16 thousand jobs created, and the residents’ revenue in 2023 amounted to 151 billion rubles.