You are doing a great job! - Deputy Director of KRDV Primorye Maria Zheldak about Alabuga Polytech


The Far East and Arctic Development Corporation had a business visit to Alabuga SEZ. The delegation consisted of: Maria Zheldak, Operations Deputy Director of Territory of Advanced Development OOO KRDV Primorye; Nadezhda Nikulina, the manager of OOO KRDV Primorye, Alsu Sharifullina, Director for Preferential Treatment Regime Development Department AO KRDV; and Andrey Razumov, Deputy Director for Preferential Treatment Regime Development Department AO KRDV.

During the SEZ Alabuga tour, the guests learned about key aspects of the company, large-scale projects, and the advantages of the SEZ for investors. Besides, the delegates had a highlight tour at the SEZ Alabuga’s territory, where they can witness the scale of the area, opportunities that Alabuga provides the residents.

Then the guests went to Alabuga Polytech the largest educational center that trains future industry workers, with the planned capacity of 10,000 people. They learned about the dual study program that is being realized at Polytech, they saw modern labs where under the subtle guidance of the engineers from resident plants the students sharpened their skills and gained deeper knowledge. Besides, the delegates had a tour around Robopallets, the top-notch production and educational complex where college students program robots, manage the process and the production. The guests were really impressed by human resources potential of Alabuga Polytech.

Maria Zheldak was really grateful for tour and pointed out that Alabuga’s experience should be scaled to the whole country.

“We realize that today there is a technical staff shortage, it is nearly impossible to find them, we need to nurture them. And what you are doing is a unique chance not only to know the theory, but also to practise,” shared her impressions Zheldak.

Moreover, Maria has never seen such well-equipped state-of-the-industry study facilities. “This sort of more practical approach is none of the kind,” said the Deputy Director for Operations of Territory of Advanced Development OOO KRDV Primorye.

“We do not know when we will be able to incorporate your experience, but we realize that we will seek it. If we really want to build production facilities, we cannot do it without human capital assets. This experience shall be scaled,” said Zheldak. It is a great place, and I am happy that teenagers can get here and master their skills. It is a great mission! We will tell everyone about you! Thank you for your invitation and that you shared your experience.”

In the framework of the trip the guests visited the headquarters of Alabuga Polytech. The multifunctional complex’s office and sports infrastructure used by SEZ staff and Alabuga Polytech students were highly appreciated by the delegation. Alabuga Polytech HQ can accommodate over two thousand people. Its residents can enjoy several work and leisure zones, namely, an assessment center for 750 people, a multifunctional sports hall, dining halls, coworking spaces, meeting and study rooms.

In addition to it, the visitors had a tour of Alabuga International School, where there is a unique study program working under International Baccalaureate and STEM study. They ended the tour at Tri Medvedya residential village where Alabuga’s staff rents properties.

Alabuga is the No. 1 special economic zone in Russia. Today, it is a full-cycle partner that provides the best utility, construction, social infrastructure, and personnel. In the territory of SEZ, there are over 30 unique import phase-out production facilities that are leaders in their industry sectors. The total amount of private investment is 166 billion rubles, with 16 thousand jobs created, and the residents’ revenue in 2022 amounted to 138 billion rubles.