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Projects to digitize Yelabuga's water services and electric network to be presented at the Smart City Russian-wide Forum


Alabuga SEZ worked in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Public Utilities to conduct the Urbantech Laboratory workshop in Yelabuga. The event was held as part of the large-scale Smart City federal project. Yelabuga was included in the list of cities for pilot implementation. The most engaged Yelabuga citizens and students, under management of experts from the Ministry of Construction, developed projects to improvement the cityscape through technological and innovative solutions. The three best projects to digitize water services and electric network and analyze city data will be presented in November at the Smart City Russian-wide Forum in Moscow. Based on the results, the best projects will seek federal financing. 

In April of this year, Yelabuga was included in the list of cities for pilot implementation of the Smart City federal project. This concept of a "smart city" implies the comprehensive application of modern solutions in public utilities, city security, transport infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other areas.

Alabuga SEZ initiated Urbantech Laboratory, while the Federal Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Public Utilities provided methodological and expert support. Over a two-day period, 45 engaged citizens generated ideas and developed projects to improve the cityscape using "smart city" principles.

On the second and final day of the workshop, teams presented their projects, three of which were selected to be presented in Moscow. The best project from Yelabuga was the concept for Smart Water Services. In 2017, Alabuga SEZ became a concession holder of Yelabuga's water services and started a large-scale project to modernize the city's water infrastructure. According to the project's authors, the next step after updating networks 80% worn-out should be the full-scale automation and digitization, which would make it possible to analyze data and effectively manage the infrastructure: track water usage and mains pressure, control equipment status in interactive mode. Automating Yelabuga's water supply system will allow water losses to be reduced and mains pressure to be normalized. The "smart water services" project will also introduce modern water meters with remote readouts and automated billing. The project will help mitigate emergencies in Yelabuga's water supply network 90% faster and make water services more effective.

The project to modernize Yelabuga's electric grid offers a comprehensive solution for implementing network energy storages, monitoring systems and data collection, as well as changing legislation that regulates electric grids design. Network energy storages increase the reliability of the power supply system, expand available capabilities, reduce operational expenditures of network equipment and compensate peak loads by 75%.

The project to visualize and analyze city data implies the creation of an interactive map, which would predict and simulate the impact of different city management solutions, as well as their economical effect.

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