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The President of the Russian Federation appreciated “Alabuga’s” contribution to the development of Russian-Turkish relations


Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with the leading representatives of Russian and Turkish business circles in the Kremlin today.

“Perhaps, most of all capital - about two billion dollars - Turkish companies sent to the economy of Tatarstan, primarily to the special economic zone “Alabuga” with the participation of the holdings Hayat, Coskunoz, Sisecam Group. Large even by European standards enterprises for glass, plastics, household chemicals’ production are created,” noted Vladimir Putin.

57 residents are registered in the SEZ “Alabuga”, industrial activity is carried out by 30 companies, of which 7 are created with the participation of Turkish investments: “Coskunoz Alabuga”, “Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industry”, “Hayat Kimya”, “Dizayn-Rus”, “Automotive Glass Alliance RUS”,“ Trakya Glass Rus ”, “MMK-GOSKUNOZ-ALABUGA”.

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