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«Alabuga» began to prepare engineering personnel for its residents


Today was the first training day for students of the Elabuga Polytechnic College in the areas of «Installation and technical operation of industrial equipment», «Automation of technological processes and production», «Technology of analytical control of chemical compounds» and «Electric power plants, networks and systems». These courses were jointly prepared by the Elabuga Institute of KFU and the SEZ «Alabuga» management taking into account the requests of the current residents.

The rich program of the first training day included excursions for each of the groups, an introductory lecture and an introduction to the profession. Students of the APCS course visited the dispatch center of the administrative and business center of the SEZ «Alabuga», future chemists saw the «Transneft Synthesis» factory, electricians visited the facilities of the SEZ «Alabuga» energy infrastructure, and students from «Installation and maintenance of industrial equipment» course saw the production process at the «Ford Sollers Elabuga» factory.

Already today the freshmen got acquainted with their potential work places and talked with the specialists of the resident factories. «In the dispatch center we were told how a specialist manages production modules using a computer. The profession is very relevant, and I’m sure that it will be interesting to study» - shared his impressions Egor Uskov, a student of the APCS course.

The uniqueness of the educational process lies in the fact that the training will take place in the «Synergy» industrial park on the latest equipment under the guidance of leading Russian and international engineers.

During the four-year training according to Russian standards students will additionally master various modules developed on the basis of practices of international leading companies from Europe and the USA. In the preparation of the training program were borrowed ready-made solutions from the leading training centers of world producers of robotic and intelligent equipment: FESTO Didactic, SIEMENS Power Academy, KUKA College.

Throughout the training each student will be assigned a mentor from among engineers of the current resident factories of the SEZ «Alabuga». Thus, the teaching of theoretical and practical disciplines will be implemented by qualified specialists. Students will receive practical and relevant knowledge and skills demanded by employers.

The purpose of creating these areas is to solve the personnel problem for the SEZ «Alabuga» residents. The personnel potential of Yelabuzhsky District does not have time to develop at the same rate as new productions appear in the zone. Therefore, in 2018 through joint efforts with the factory directors we identified four popular specialties: mechatronics, APCS, chemistry, and electrical engineering. These professional areas are approved by the Board of Directors. And the issue of personnel development for the residents of the special economic zone is kept under the control of Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

«The question when 80% of executive positions in the SEZ «Alabuga» will be held by people who were born in Yelabuga can be safely answered: only when they will be able to take the knowledge and world experience that is concentrated in «Alabuga», when they will become competitive on the world labor market” - comments Timur Shagivaleev, the CEO of the SEZ «Alabuga».

Recruitment for training in these groups is planned annually. And this is due to the fact that about 500 people are employed in the «Alabuga» a year, about 1000 people graduated from the 9th grade in Yelabuzhsky District, and 600 people study at the Elabuga Polytechnic College. Yelabuga graduates will have the right of priority employment.


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