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Water treatment plant: new reservoir tested


The water utility specialists completed preliminary tests of the second reservoir at a water treatment plant in the Yelabuga town.

A water treatment plant purifies Kama river water to drinking water quality and supplies it to consumers: residents of the Yelabuga town, residents of the SEZ “Alabuga” and the car factory ElAZ.

A new reservoir of 20,000 m³ will increase the supply of drinking water for consumers.

The actual capacity of the water treatment plant currently stands at more than 30,000 m³ of water per day. This is enough for the needs of consumers.

Water canal employees plan to clean the existing reservoir to ensure sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population. The last time it was held in 2005.

Construction work on the modernization of the water supply is carried out by Alabuga Development LLC.

“Our priority is to lay a new conduit to the city. Priority activities we have already done. Now the main task is to remove all emergency sections. We must continue to take new dispatch objects and modernize them,” said Timur Shagivaleev, the CEO of the SEZ “Alabuga”.



For reference:

A concession agreement entered into force, providing for the transfer of facilities of the Yelabuga water utility to the management of the SEZ Alabuga in 2017. The main facilities of the water utility are located next to the SEZ. It has traditionally provided water not only to the city, but also to residents of the special zone. During this time, the water utility employees did a great job of modernizing and reconstructing its facilities.

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