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Material for Ansat helicopters is produced in the SEZ Alabuga


The products of the SEZ Alabuga resident “Alabuga-fiber” are used in the manufacture of parts for the Russian Ansat helicopter.

Carbon fiber is the basis for the technical fabric of the prepregs from which the body parts of the helicopter are created: the doors of the cockpit and passenger compartment, the fairing of the gearbox, and the ventilation grilles.

The fiber is made on the basis of polyacrylonitrile and has such advantages as lightness, high strength, durability, low thermal expansion, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity. Therefore, this type of fiber is in demand in various industries: space, aircraft, automotive, energy, shipbuilding and construction.

Alabuga-Fiber uses equipment that meets all international standards for the manufacture of carbon fiber. The production line consists of creel pulp, a thermal stabilization section with energy-efficient oxidation and carbonization furnaces, a surface treatment system and winding of the finished carbon fiber.

The plant has launched production of industrial batches of carbon fiber under the trademark Umatex UMT 42-12K-EP and Umatex UMT 45-12K-EP.

The plant’s first line capacity is 1,400 tons of carbon fiber per year now, it is planned to bring up to 10,000 tons of carbon fiber per year in the future. Thus, Russia will have one of the most powerful carbon fiber plants in the world.

Ansat helicopter is one of the most popular light twin-engine helicopters in Russia. The design of which allows you to quickly transform it into a cargo or passenger. The helicopter is certified for use in the temperature range from –45 to 50 ° C, as well as for operation in high altitude conditions. In February of this year, helicopters were delivered to China, and in May the aircraft received permission to operate in Mexico.




For reference:

“Alabuga Fiber” is a modern carbon fiber production plant, which is part of the Rosatom UMATEX Group. The capacity of the production line is more than 1,400 tons per year. The official opening of the plant took place in May 2015. The total investment is more than 4.13 billion rubles. 160 jobs created.

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