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Alabuga HR program approved by Russian Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education


On June 18, a meeting was held between the CEO of the SEZ “Alabuga” Timur Shagivaliev and the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Petr Kucherenko.

The agenda of the meeting was the presentation of the Alabuga’s HR-program which to assist in the employment of the best students in organizations of higher professional education.

Within the framework of this project, the HR department of the SEZ “Alabuga” provides an opportunity for leaders of graduation groups to recommend the best students of the university for an assessment in the SEZ “Alabuga” with further employment.

Assessment includes face-to-face meetings with top managers of Alabuga’s residents, a business game, as well as independent development of the final project. In the course of solving various business cases, participants will be able to demonstrate their leadership skills and become familiar with the necessary competencies of a modern leader. Based on the selection results, the graduate has the opportunity to work not only in the management company of the SEZ, but also at the enterprises of existing and new residents.

The program to promote the employment of graduates of leading universities received support from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation: work will be organized with the leaders of graduation groups from 674 faculties in universities. Under the agreement, stimulating conditions based on the results of work are provided for these persons.

The SEZ “Alabuga” has been practicing the training of unique personnel on its own since 2016. This is due not only to the specific requirements for managers of the industrial segment, but also to a lack of leadership skills among the vast majority of applicants.

Today in the SEZ “Alabuga” there is a corporate university and a STEM center for the training of highly qualified personnel, and the SEZ also implements the program for the all-Russian selection of future managers “100 Leaders”.

The implementation of this program will allow developing the personnel potential for training world-class production managers, attracting the best students of the country.



For reference:

SEZ “Alabuga” is the most efficient and largest special economic zone in Russia. On the territory of the SEZ there are 33 production facilities, including Ford Sollers, Kastamonu, Armstrong, Air Liquide, Rockwoll, 3M and others. The amount of investments made by residents is 126.3 billion rubles. Created more than 6.9 thousand jobs.

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