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August-Alabuga plant received a license to operate hazardous facilities

The resident of the SEZ "Alabuga" for the production of plant protection products "August-Alabuga" received a license to operate explosive and chemically hazardous production facilities of the first, second and third hazard classes.

The very fact that the company has a license to operate explosive and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous production facilities is an extremely important component.

“You need to understand that the presence of such a document is a key factor for the activities of our enterprise. After all, the plant "August-Alabuga" by the nature of its activity, associated with the production of chemical plant protection products, itself is a dangerous object.

But in order to obtain this license, we had to do a serious amount of work. After all, the requirements from the state that are imposed on organizations wishing to be licensed are quite strict. So, an organization must have a corresponding project, project documentation that has passed the state examination of industrial safety, as well as certified equipment. In addition, all the working personnel of the plant must undergo appropriate training”, - says Nikolay Vasiliev, chief engineer of Avgust-Alabuga LLC.

If earlier the license for the operation of hazardous production facilities was issued to organizations for five years, after which it had to be renewed, now this document is unlimited.

For reference:

JSC Firm "August" is the largest Russian company for the production of plant protection chemicals and the leader of the domestic pesticide market. The production of plant protection products is equipped with modern Russian and imported equipment with a high degree of automation of work processes.

The grand opening of the August-Alabuga plant took place on June 28, 2019. The actual volume of investments in the project is over 4.5 billion rubles. The design capacity is 50 million liters of products and 8 million canisters per year. Production volume for a calendar year (2019 - 1st half of 2020) - 10.2 million liters. The total amount of tax payments to the budgets of various levels is 819.9 million rubles.

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