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Kastamonu has achieved a sales record

On July 2020, the company shipped over 100,000 m³ of products from the warehouse, including laminate and MDF boards. This figure became a record for more than six years of the company's operation in Russia.

The Kastamonu plant for the production of laminate and MDF boards was opened in 2014 in Tatarstan - on the territory of the SEZ "Alabuga". Today the company is one of the largest players in the Russian woodworking industry: production volumes are 1.05 million m³ of MDF boards and 35 million m² of laminate flooring per year. Kastamonu produces 20% of all laminate that is sold in Russia. At the same time, 40% of the total volume of products is exported to 27 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In July this year, the company reached a record figure for shipments of goods - over 100,000 m³. More than 4200 trucks were needed to transport such a volume of products.

“For the sustainable development of a company, it is extremely important to be able to accurately assess the current economic situation and make long-term forecasts, as well as promptly respond to emerging challenges. Despite the intensification of the pandemic and the general recession in the market, the Kastamonu plant continued to operate, which made it possible to fulfill all business obligations without the slightest interruption and once again confirm the status of our company as a reliable partner and responsible manufacturer, as well as continue consistent and sustainable development", - said the general Director of Kastamonu Russia Ali Kilic.

“The record sales result achieved during the pandemic is an indicator of the effectiveness and timeliness of measures taken to maintain the stability of the company. Thanks to clear planning, flexible marketing strategy, mutual assistance and support of our business partners, we have overcome even the most difficult period for the industry without losses for business, and are now ready to move towards new achievements”, - said Cenk Büyüktosun, Sales and Marketing Director of Kastamonu Russia.

Thanks to cooperation with large developers, all-Russian and regional retail chains and distributors, Kastamonu has a wide presence in all federal districts of Russia. At the same time, the leaders in terms of supply volumes of laminate are Central, South and Privolzhsky.

Recently, export Asian directions have also been actively developing. The company recently became the main supplier of laminate and MDF to Uzbekistan with market shares of 10% and 60%, respectively. Among the latest major projects in this country is the supply of materials for the international business center “Tashkent City” and the ultra-modern residential complexes “Akay City” and “Olmazor Business City” in Tashkent. Kastamonu also holds a leading position in Kazakhstan with a 30% share in the sales of laminate flooring.

For reference:

The KASTAMONU company was founded in 1969 as part of the HAYAT holding. The group of companies specializes in the production of MDF, chipboard, laminated flooring, door linings and glossy panels. The consolidated turnover of the company is $ 1.3 billion. The annual production of wood-based panels is 5 million m³, laminated flooring - 70 million m². Kastamonu has 18 factories in 7 countries: Turkey, Russia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the USA. The company ranks 7th in the world and 4th in Europe among the largest manufacturers of the woodworking industry.

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