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The water quality control laboratory of the SEZ "Alabuga" is accredited

On August 10, the laboratory of the Department of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal of the SEZ "Alabuga" was accredited for compliance with the requirements of Federal legislation.

Obtaining accreditation was not easy, since the state of the laboratory at the time of the transfer of the water utility under the concession agreement did not allow it to be passed due to the lack of resources. To control natural, drinking and waste water, SEZ "Alabuga" provided the laboratory with expensive equipment, chemical reagents, biological preparations, utensils and consumables for a total of about 16.5 million rubles.

Preparations for obtaining certification began in 2019. At the first stage, a license was obtained for the right to work with pathogens of intestinal infections, without which it is impossible to control water for microbiological indicators.

At the second stage, the laboratory passed a documentary assessment, after which the Federal Accreditation Service decided to conduct an on-site inspection. But the coronavirus pandemic has made its own adjustments: the assessment was carried out remotely using video conferencing. This format was complicated by the fact that neither the expert group nor the testing laboratories had any experience with online verification.

During the audit, the expert group highly appreciated the work of the laboratory staff and drew up an act on the compliance of the activities with regulatory documents and requirements in the field of accreditation.

Certification of the laboratory of the SEZ "Alabuga" is one of the important mechanisms to ensure consumer confidence in the quality and competence of research. After all, human health and the state of the environment directly depend on the quality of water.

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