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A meeting of the Committee of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan was held in the SEZ "Alabuga"

Today, on September 30, a visiting session of the Committee of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan on budget, taxes and finance was held in the SEZ "Alabuga".

The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan Indira Kireeva, Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service for the Republic of Tatarstan Milyausha Kamzeeva, Head of the Yelabuga municipal district Rustem Nuriyev and members of the Committee of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The main agenda of the meeting was the provision of regional tax benefits to SEZ residents and the provision of measures to support citizens and businesses in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the start of the meeting, the guests visited the plant for the production of plant protection products "August-Alabuga" and the STEM-center for training highly qualified personnel.

At the STEM center, the deputies were told about the teaching methodology, and the second year students demonstrated the skills of working with industrial equipment, which will be necessary when working in modern enterprises.

At the meeting, the head of the district Rustem Nuriyev, welcoming the guests, noted that the special economic zone "Alabuga" is a key factor in the growth of the entire district. SEZ "Alabuga" and its residents are actively involved in the implementation of social projects. This year, a significant portion of the funds went to support doctors who have embarked on the fight against coronavirus.

CEO of the SEZ "Alabuga" Timur Shagivaleev made a presentation on the efficiency of the SEZ and presented a report on tax and customs revenues to the regional and federal budgets. Since 2007, as a result of the activities of residents, 22.6 billion rubles have been paid, and taking into account the cluster effect, tax and customs deductions amounted to more than 89 billion rubles. By 2025, the planned increase in tax revenues from the SEZ "Alabuga" to the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan will increase due to the increase in production and the opening of new enterprises.

Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan Indira Kireeva highlighted the importance of the functioning of economic zones for the country's economy and recalled that the preferential regime, which operates on the territory of special economic zones, provides for exemption of resident companies from paying part of taxes: property, land, transport. The benefit is also provided for income tax, the amount of which varies depending on the period of the project.

“Special economic zones in Russia are a large-scale project, they are points of attracting both domestic and foreign investments. In the Republic of Tatarstan, the SEZ "Alabuga" is the first, most successful  zone, which always shows a leading position, occupying the first places ",- said Indira Kireeva.

As the Chairman of the Committee Leonid Yakunin noted, tax incentives provided to large business, especially in the economic zone, have once again proved their effectiveness, so that each ruble invested brought four rubles.

“One of the main issues is not only economic growth, but job creation. More than 10 thousand jobs have been created throughout the economic zone "Alabuga", all of them are highly paid, that is, they significantly exceed the average level of wages" the parliamentarian explained.

Following the meeting, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan was recommended to continue improving the existing measures to provide assistance to enterprises and citizens, as well as developing new approaches and additional areas of business support.

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