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"Alabuga" will create a SEZ in the Novgorod region

The special economic zone "Alabuga" signed a cooperation agreement with the Novgorod region with the aim of creating a SEZ in the region.

The signing ceremony took place on October 6, 2020 as part of the official visit of the Alabuga team to the region. On the part of the Novgorod Region, the agreement was signed by Governor Andrey Nikitin, on the part of the special economic zone - by CEO Timur Shagivaleev.

The start of the project was the appeal of the Governor of the Novgorod Region to Rustam  Minnikhanov to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan with the question of support in the creation of the SEZ.

Why the Novgorod region chose Alabuga:

Firstly, investors trust the Alabuga team. “Alabuga is an example of not even a Russian, but a global brand. The special economic zone "Alabuga" is known all over the world and is considered by investors from different countries. If you focus on the experience of colleagues, the effect will be serious and large. We are pleased that we have signed an agreement with the most advanced team in the country, and this team will work with us to attract investors, using the best practices,” said Andrey Nikitin, Governor of the Novgorod Region.

Secondly, "Alabuga" is understandable to the Government of the Russian Federation. SEZ "Alabuga" has gained experience not only in attracting investments, but also in participating in federal financing programs. “There is a government decree that allows to compensate the expenses of the regions from federal taxes paid by those investors who work in the territory. And today 80% of such compensations are received by colleagues from Alabuga,” the head of the region also expressed his interest.

Thirdly, the best team works in "Alabuga". “Initially, we were guided that we would work with the best team. And now our joint task will be to attract investments to the Novgorod region. We will do this not by studying with investors, but using the best practices that our colleagues have already developed over the past 15 years, ”noted Andrey Nikitin.

Why SEZ "Alabuga" chose the Novgorod region:

First, the Governor is ready to make non-standard decisions for the development of his region. “Veliky Novgorod was not chosen by the Alabuga team by chance. First, it all starts with the leadership - the Governor of the Novgorod Region is a very decisive person who is ready to make non-standard decisions for the development of his region, ” said Timur Shagivaleev.

Second, both teams have the same understanding of the importance of industrial development. “Russia today imports 17 trillion rubles worth of products - this is the potential for industrial development in Russia. The Alabuga team analyzes the niches, which gives rise to an understanding of which companies import products and can produce in Russia, which production facilities will be in demand at the future site in the Novgorod region, " the SEZ CEO shared.

Thirdly, the necessary conditions have been created for the work of the Alabuga team. “Our team has been given carte blanche in order to work on the principles on which“ Alabuga ”works. Therefore, we believe that our experience can be applied here, ” said Timur Shagivaleev.

A new special economic zone will be created on the territory of the Savinsky rural settlement of the Novgorod district with a total area of ​​more than 10 hectares. To create an industrial infrastructure, the regional government plans to invest 5.6 billion rubles. The areas of work of the Novgorod SEZ will be the electronics industry, mechanical engineering, radio electronics and pharmaceuticals.


Information about SEZ "Alabuga":

Today SEZ "Alabuga" is the most efficient and largest special economic zone in Russia. There are 33 production facilities in the SEZ. The volume of actually invested private investments is 134.7 billion rubles, the volume of revenue of residents in 2019 exceeded 82 billion rubles, the volume of tax and customs payments for the entire period of activity amounted to 22.3 billion rubles.

The activities of the management company of the SEZ "Alabuga" allowed to hold the first positions in Russian and international ratings every year, and was also repeatedly noted by the country's leadership. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, who stood at the origins and was one of the founding fathers of the SEZ "Alabuga", during his visit on July 10, 2020, highly appreciated the results of the work done and the effectiveness of its functioning.

One of the priority tasks of the SEZ "Alabuga", designated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, President of the Republic of Tatarstan RN Minnikhanov, is the opening of new federal sites throughout Russia for the development of industry.

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