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SEZ "Alabuga" - in the list of the best economic zones in the world


The special economic zone "Alabuga" for the sixth time was included in the world ranking of special economic zones Global Free Zones of the Year and was marked with a special award in the category "Skills development".

Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence (fDi), a division of the Financial Times, publishes a ranking of the world's best economic zones every year. The most successful sites for industrial projects were identified on the basis of indicators such as the number of residents and growth dynamics, the number of jobs created, and the assessments and expert opinion of the fDi Intelligence referee team were also taken into account.

Alabuga entered the global ranking of the world's special economic zones in the Skills Development category. The compilers of the rating highly appreciated the implementation of the project of the training center.

The STEM center was created in 2019 on the basis of the Synergy industrial park and trains qualified specialists in the following specialties: process control systems, mechatronics, chemistry and electronics. The directions of training are aimed at meeting the needs of enterprises-residents of the SEZ "Alabuga" in qualified personnel.

For four years, students, under the guidance of existing engineers of resident plants of the SEZ "Alabuga", study on modern industrial equipment and acquire knowledge and skills that are in demand from employers. As a result of the training, the graduate of the STEM center is a professional with developed soft and hard skills, who has 2 years of experience of continuous work in his specialty and a guarantee of employment at SEZ enterprises.

In 2020, training began for the second enrollment of the 100 best 9th grade graduates. The first stream successfully completed the summer internship and moved on to the second year. A total of 200 students are currently studying at the STEM Center.

The investments of the SEZ "Alabuga" in equipping the STEM-center for today amounted to 80 million rubles. But the development of infrastructure for training world-class personnel continues: in 2021, it is planned to open an updated STEM center on the basis of the Synergy 2 industrial park. It will be a large and technologically advanced building, equipped with the latest equipment for training professionals and passing a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills standards.

“Personnel must meet the best international standards. At Alabuga we started this work several years ago. We understand what specialties are in demand at factories and will be needed over the next 30 years, for this we have created a STEM center. There are few people who can program complex systems. They need to be cooked for many years using the most modern technologies. Tatarstan has a competitive advantage in the fact that engineers who work in the special economic zone can train children and raise professionals," said Timur Shagivaleev, CEO of the SEZ "Alabuga ".



For reference:

SEZ "Alabuga" has been operating since 2006 and is the largest special economic zone of industrial-production type in Russia - it accounts for about 72% of the proceeds in the structure of Industrial economic zones. Among the residents are such leading international companies as Sollers Ford , 3M, Rockwool, Armstrong, Hayat, etc.

In previous years, SEZ "Alabuga" was awarded the title "The best SEZ in Europe for the large tenants" in 2015, 2016 and 2017, "New investments" - in 2018, "Academic collaboration", "Crossborder collaboration", "Skills development" in 2019.

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