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"Alabuga" is recognized as the best industrial SEZ in Russia


The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia together with the Association for the Development of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia summed up the results of the IV National Rating of the Investment Attractiveness of Special Economic Zones of Russia in 2020. SEZ "Alabuga" for the fourth time in the first place.

In 2020, 16 special economic zones from 13 regions of Russia took part in the rating. The experts evaluated 28 indicators that are designed to help potential investors determine the best place to localize their production. These are the performance indicators of SEZ residents, the profitability of investment in the creation of economic zones and the activities of governing bodies, the number of attracted investors and jobs created, the volume of investments and capital investments, proceeds from the sale of goods, the expenditure of funds from the federal and regional budgets, the volume of tax and customs deductions ...

According to the rating results, the first place was taken by the SEZ PPT "Alabuga", occupying this position since 2017. Experts especially noted favorable conditions for doing business and efficient use of land resources in the SEZ "Alabuga".

"Alabuga" has the maximum value in terms of the number of attracted residents, and its contribution to the development of Russian-Turkish relations was appreciated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Among 10 special economic zones of Russia of industrial and production type, Alabuga accounts for 72% of the proceeds and 50% of the residents' actual investments. Today, 33 enterprises have been launched here, residents have invested 212.4 billion rubles. More than 7 thousand jobs have been created.

"Alabuga" is regularly noted in the world's leading ratings of investment sites - the SEZ has been recognized six times as the best site for large projects in Europe according to fDi, a magazine that is part of the Financial Times group. Also "Alabuga" was recognized as the most efficient SEZ based on the analysis carried out by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

The high investment attractiveness of the SEZ PPT "Alabuga" is primarily due to the wide range of services provided by the management company to residents: energy transportation, logistics and customs center services, information technology management services, capital construction management services, assistance in receiving co-financing by residents from state development institutions, etc. In 2019, the SEZ PPT "Alabuga", together with the Yelabuga Polytechnic College, launched a STEM center for training personnel for the industry of Tatarstan in the four most popular specialties: mechatronics, automation of control systems, energy, chemistry.

“The National Rating of Special Economic Zones is an independent assessment in which the business itself and experts assess the attractiveness of sites in terms of ease of doing business. The Ministry of Economic Development is closely following the results of this independent assessment. An objective view from the outside and feedback from businesses and regions is important for us in order to provide favorable conditions for stimulating investment activity in the SEZ,” said Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Sergey Galkin.

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