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"Our task №1 is to realize that this is our country": the general director of the SEZ "Alabuga" gave a parting word at the solemn meeting in "Alabuga Polytech"


Today, on September 1, the traditional line-up in honor of the Day of Knowledge was held at Alabuga Polytech. Timur Shagivaleev, General Director of the SEZ "Alabuga", congratulated the students and teachers on the beginning of the new academic year.

The mission of Alabuga is to grow industry for the well-being of people, creating the best infrastructure in the world. The best infrastructure in the world is not only roads and railways, electricity and water supply. Now we need to create the best infrastructure in the world to support the growth of new industries — this also includes HR infrastructure. For the development of global projects in our country there will be a high need for high-tech personnel, which is why the educational center "Alabuga Polytech" was created, whose graduates will be engaged in the implementation of large-scale projects.

The educational college "Alabuga Polytech" today opened its doors to 300 new students from all over the country. The geography of the applicants is amazing – the guys came from the Moscow Region, Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Crimea, Altai and many other regions of Russia. Students of" Alabuga Polytech " are provided with free accommodation, high-quality practice-oriented education, guaranteed employment and scholarships.

"You have come to a good place – Alabuga Polytech is located in the special economic zone No. 1 of our country. Investors from all over the world have invested 140 billion rubles in the platform – which means that the best engineers and technologies from all over the world are gathered here. And it is really important to become the owners of this knowledge. Our task number 1 is to realize that this is our country. We have huge prospects, we can change the country, " Timur Shagivaleev said.

This academic year, 4 new areas were opened – BIM-design, business informatics, programming in PYTHON and microelectronics. In addition, training has been conducted for two years in the following areas: mechatronics, automated control systems, electrical engineering, chemistry. These specialties are the most popular in the labor market – these are high-tech personnel, for which global companies compete.

300 of the best students were able to enroll in Alabuga Polytech by passing an economic simulation" Business cats "on the Alabuga's own HR platform, which allows you to assess the level of analytics, communication and command skills of the candidate, and also clearly demonstrates the readiness to move up the career ladder.

Before the beginning of the introductory lectures and the distribution into groups, the General director of the SEZ "Alabuga" Timur Shagivaleev gave parting words to the students and good wishes: “One of the most interesting and unforgettable years in your life awaits you - with you colleagues, like-minded people, you are in a wonderful college, there is a wonderful future ahead. I wish you success and achievements! "


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