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The best students of "Alabuga Polytech" visited the Kastamonu plant


Students of "Alabuga Polytech" visited one of the largest production facilities in the territory of the special economic zone "Alabuga" - the Turkish company Kastamonu for the production of MDF, chipboard, laminated floor coverings, door linings and glossy panels.

Two groups of students-about 50 people visited the company's plant. To familiarize the children with the upcoming type of activity, the company's employees conducted excursions, where they told about the equipment in production, as well as about the products and quality control.

Kastamonu, a resident of SEZ "Alabuga", annually participates in projects related to the education and development of existing and potential personnel. "Continuous growth of professionalism and relevant experience is a reliable guarantee of demand in the labor market for any specialist. The Polytechnic College on the basis of the Alabuga Polytech training Center provides students with excellent opportunities for professional development and obtaining the necessary skills. For our part, we support this by helping students to get acquainted with various aspects of the functioning of a large industrial enterprise in practice. Excursions to the production site better motivate students and master the educational program with great interest, " commented Ali Kilych, General Director of Kastamonu Russia.

Students of "Alabuga Polytech" are the best graduates of the ninth grades from all over the country, who receive practical knowledge and experience in educational areas from the first year of study in order to improve their qualification training. Alabuga develops industry to improve the welfare of the country and creates better conditions for launching new investment projects by developing infrastructure. For the development of global projects in our country there will be a high need for high-tech personnel, which is why the educational center "Alabuga Polytech" was created, whose graduates will be engaged in the implementation of large-scale projects and will become in-demand specialists in the labor market.


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