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How to learn to design a cottage in a month - Rustam Minnikhanov personally checked the first successes of students in the assessment center "Alabuga Polytech"


Educational College "Alabuga Polytech" this year opened its doors to 300 new students from all over the country, and also launched 4 new areas of study - BIM design, business informatics, programming in PYTHON and microelectronics. The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov personally visited the new laboratories, and also got acquainted with the activities of the assessment center "Alabuga Polytech".

In addition, "Alabuga Polytech" has been conducting training in the following areas for two years: mechatronics, automated control systems, electrical engineering, chemistry. These specialties are the most in demand in the labor market – these are high-tech personnel for which global companies compete. An integrated and modern approach to education, practical orientation, development of leadership potential, patriotic education - all this allows students of "Alabuga Polytech" to become the best specialists in their field.

Each direction at "Alabuga Polytech" is supervised by engineers and specialists with real work experience. The President of the Republic got acquainted with the freshmen of "Alabuga Polytech", who told what they had already learned. Students of the BIM-design direction demonstrated to the President of the Republic how during a month of training they learned to design houses, lay water supply and much more. BIM technologies make it possible to design complex objects in three-dimensional space, which leads to an increase in the quality of projects, a reduction in the overall construction time and an improvement in cost forecasting. Rustam Minnikhanov thanked the employees of the management company "Alabuga" for the high level of training and implementation of an important educational project.

Further, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan was presented with the laboratory of business informatics, where the key advantage of the direction, its relevance and plan for further development were told. The freshmen demonstrated their programming skills in the 1C development environment. In particular, right in front of Rustam Minnikhanov and the guests accompanying him, a new functionality for calculating bonuses for employees was developed.

"Alabuga" is the number 1 special economic zone in Russia. On the territory of SEZ, there are many manufacturing enterprises that use software products based on 1C Enterprise, it is also one of the main accounting systems of any enterprise for accounting. Possession of this subject area is a demanded competence of a developer on the 1C Enterprise platform.

Also, Rustam Minnikhanov was shown a laboratory on the basics of Python programming. An increasing number of web resources are using Python - therefore, the market is already in need of specialists in this area. Upon completion of the course, the graduate will acquire the skills of a developer and digital project manager. A freshman "Alabuga Polytech" demonstrated in real time the changes in coding on the example of the "Business Cats" business simulation developed by "Alabuga", which was also told to the President of the Republic.

The strategic business simulation "Business Cats" has been developed and successfully used as a tool for finding applicants to "Alabuga Polytech" and suitable candidates for vacancies in SEZ "Alabuga" and beyond. "Business Cats" business simulator not only evaluates participants, but also teaches the basics of business economics, gives an understanding of the work of the laws of real business, building profitable cooperation with counterparties. The "Business Cats" allows you to evaluate such competencies as the level of analytics; the level of negotiation; strategic thinking; teamwork skills; delegation and control of assigned tasks; learnability; risk and opportunity management. In the current academic year, thanks to the business simulation, 300 applicants were identified and accepted for training, in 5 years "Alabuga" plans to increase the number of students entering "Alabuga Polytechnic" to 10,000 students.

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan highly appreciated the activities of the Engineering College, created to train modern specialists according to WorldSkills standards, and "Alabuga Polytech" assessment center, which already now allows recruiting the best specialists from all over the country and teaching the necessary competencies for the development of the industry of our country.

Thanks to the unconventional and bold decisions of the management company of special economic zone "Alabuga", a strong team with a high level of corporate culture has been created, which is ready to implement the most ambitious projects. An integrated approach to solving problems of any level, customer orientation and regular development - all this makes "Alabuga" special economic zone number 1 in Russia.



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