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Alabuga welcomes a new resident - the "Sollers Ford" Engine Plant


The new resident of Special Economic Zone "Alabuga" is the engine plant, which is part of the Sollers Ford group. The plant plans to produce localized diesel engines for Ford Transit, also produced at "Alabuga".

"The engine production plant in "Alabuga" SEZ is the most high-tech plant in Russia with modern equipment and advanced technologies. Launching the production of localized engines at our own plant in Special Economic Zone "Alabuga" will help us increase the number of SPIC points. It will also allow us to further develop in the field of engine building, increase competitiveness, while offering the market attractive conditions for various operations and machining services," commented Adil Shirinov, President and CEO of Sollers Ford.

Technical and technological solutions that will be applied at the new plant in SEZ "Alabuga" involve the introduction of elements of "Industry 4.0" in the machining shop (cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft), in the engine assembly and logistics shop: the introduction of an error protection system - the use of "machine vision", "Pick-to-light" selection of components by light indication, the introduction of digital code (Data matrix), etc.; the introduction of robotic and automated complexes; cloud computing, data collection and analysis based on statistical control methods.

Attracting residents who actively use the tools of "Industry 4.0— is the priority of SEZ "Alabuga". Modern tools and technological solutions are necessary to obtain a high-precision product, as well as to ensure stable quality of production results.

At the new engine plant, full automation of the machining process is planned, the use of manual operations will be used only for loading and unloading parts on an automatic conveyor.

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