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Construction of "Alabuga-2" and "Alabuga-2. Petrochemicals "will be financed by residents' tax payments

The Government of the Republic of Tatarstan adopted a regulation No. 191 and No. 192 on the establishment of industrial parks «Alabuga-2» and «Alabuga-2. Petrochemistry». SEZ «Alabuga» is defined as the management company of both sites. «Alabuga» was the first among the large industrial sites in Russia to apply an innovative mechanism for financing the creation of infrastructure. The construction will be fully financed by taxes paid by the operating SEZ residents.
The industrial park «Alabuga-2. Petrochemistry „is being created in the industrial zone of the city of Nizhnekamsk“ for the development of the Kamsky industrial cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan, modernization of the petrochemical industry and deep processing of oil refining residues. »
"Alabuga-2. Petrochemistry «is intended to become a development center of the petrochemical cluster of Tatarstan and Russia. The availability of oil and gas resources is a competitive advantage of our country. Thus, it is necessary to deepen the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and create added value in our territory. The location of the industrial park is unique for investors who plan to open enterprises in the petrochemical industry. Here the most favorable conditions for business in Tatarstan and Russia are formed. Now we continue to receive applications from potential residents, «said Timur Shagivaleev, General Director of JSC» SEZ PPT «Alabuga».
Currently, the SEZ «Alabuga» and the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan are producing a plan for the development of the industrial parks’ infrastructure and determining the necessary amount of funding and its sources.

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