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Alabuga International School students team was selected for the national robotics championship «First Robotics Championship – Yekaterinburg 4.0»


In early February, the regional stage of the international educational STEAM competition in robotics was completed. The team representing Alabuga International School qualified for the finals of the national championship.

The team consisted of tenth-grade student Nariman Shafikov, eighth –grade students Almaz Galin and Anvar Maulin and coach Maxim Nikitin.

This season the organizers paid attention to different types of energy sources, ways of its storage, distribution and consumption. The task of the competitors was to rethink the production and use of energy, as well as to propose new ideas on energy, as well as to propose new ideas on energy.

The participants were evaluated in four competencies: basic principles, robot design, robot play and an innovative project related to the main theme of the season.

During three days a team of students built a LEGO EV3 robot and programmed it to perform tasks using sensors. The students also created an innovative project – insoles with built-in piezo elements that release electricity when walking. Its amount is enough to charge a small external battery for 1-2 hours of walking a day for 3-4 days.

«We have time limits by preparing to the competition, so we had to constantly step out of our comfort zone. But as soon as we found out that we entered the national finals, we got new strength to prepare for the competition. We will fight for gold medals», said Maxim Nikitin.

According to the coach, in the future the team will change the robot design and the software code to get the maximum number of points. There are also plans to turn the prototype of the innovative development into a full-fledged project.

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