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Alabuga Polytech is a place where they create new things and never stop growing and developing – Ramil Mullin, the Mayor of Nizhnekamsk, about Alabuga Polytech


Ramil Mullin, the Mayor of Nizhnekamsk and members of his office paid a working visit to Alabuga Special Economic Zone.

In the framework of the tour, the guests saw the headquarters of Alabuga Polytech. The guests commended the infrastructure of the multi-purpose complex, which includes an office and sports facilities for SEZ’s staff and Alabuga Polytech students. Over two thousand people live at Alabuga Polytech’s headquarters. Its residents enjoy several leisure and work zones: an assessment center that seats 750 people, a multifunctional sports hall, dining areas, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and study rooms.

Moreover, the guests visited Alabuga International School, the school implements a unique programme that includes International Baccalaureate and STEM education.

The guests from Nizhnekamsk saw around Alabuga Polytech, the largest educational center that trains future highly qualified personnel with a target capacity of 10,000 people annually.

The SEZ’s staff told the visitors about a dual educational programme that is implemented at Polytech. Moreover, the college has top-notch labs, where supervised by the engineers from SEZ’s resident plants, the college students gain knowledge and master their skills. Beyond that the delegation went to Robopallets, a cutting-edge production and educational complex, where the students programme robots, control technological processes and manage production. The guests were impressed by Alabuga Polytech and its talent pool.  

The Mayor talked to students, asked them about their life at Alabuga Polytech, and wished the best of luck. Mullin noted that unlike other educational centers, Alabuga Polytech gives a perfect opportunity just in four years to become a narrow-profile specialist and gain great experience. Besides that, Alabuga implements modern one-of-the-kind system: in education, in production models and a lifestyle. The main credit for this belongs to Alabuga team.

“I believe that the team of Alabuga is doing a great job. Timur Nailivech Shagivaleev always looks for the world's best practices and deserves great respect. I have seen many success-driven guys, who came to Alabuga from all over the country and neighboring countries. It is important to motivate them from start, so they know where they are heading, where they are going in their profession, where they feel comfortable, interested, and where they build and grow,” said the Mayor of Nizhnekamsk.

At the end of the visit, the mayor’s delegation met Timur Shagivaleev, the CEO of SEZ Alabuga. Mr.Mullin thanked the management of the company for the Alabuga facilities tour and noted that a model that is being implemented at SEZ, can be used in Nizhnekamsk.

“Guys from Krasnodar, Moscow and other cities in Russia come to Alabuga. It is cool, so to speak. Their eyes lit up. They are good. I would like to have the same in my city. With the good potential of our secondary specialized colleges, we can use Alabuga’s example in Nizhnekamsk,” said the mayor. Mr.Mullin noted that it is crucial that the students stay and continue their development. To accomplish this, by keeping in mind Alabuga’s experience, it is important to create jobs, so as students, during an internship can be supervised by expert engineers.

Alabuga SEZ is a full-cycle partner that provides the best utility, construction, social infrastructure, and personnel. In the territory of SEZ, there are over 30 unique import phase-out production facilities that are the leaders in their industry. The total amount of private investment is 166 billion rubles, with 16 thousand jobs created, and the residents’ revenue in 2022 amounted to 138 billion rubles.

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