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Alexey Isaev, a lead expert in military history, gave a lecture to Alabuga Polytech students


The story stage of Russia's largest paintball tournament dedicated to recreating the key battles of the Great Patriotic War was completed at Alabuga Polytech. The final reconstruction, in which the college students took part, was the frontline military operation «Ring».

As a reminder, the operation «Ring» became the final chord of the months-long Stalingrad battle. Preparation of the operation was entrusted to the commander of the Don Front Konstantin Rokossovsky and his chief of staff, General Mikhail Malinin. So, on January 10, 1943, after powerful artillery and air strikes, the Soviet troops made two strikes - from the west and from the south - and split (the enemy army) Stalingrad cauldron in two, and then, already in pieces, broke it. On February 2, 1943, the operation «Ring» ended. The victory in the Battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in World War II and had a decisive influence on the further course of military operations.

The reconstruction of Operation Ring was a real test for the freshmen. This time the teams tried to act quickly and were not afraid to go straight through. The games were dynamic, and on the battlefield there was an atmosphere of unceasing shooting. The guys did not give up, they set themselves the task: «To hold their positions at any cost! ».

As part of the tournament, the lecture on the Battle of Stalingrad for first-year students was organized at Alabuga Polyteh by Alexey Isaev, a lead expert in the field of military history. The event, which took place at Alabuga Polytech headquarters, attracted more than 1,300 students.

«The paintball tournament is a school of courage and psychological preparation for real life difficulties and problems. As for the level of engineering training of the polygon, it has certainly increased» emphasized an employee of the Institute of Military History of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation».

Alabuga Polytech students listened with interest to the presentation of the expert, who is known for his authority and deep knowledge of history.

In the course of the lecture, Isaev spoke about key events and epochs of military history, shared his research and analysis, and answered students' questions.

«Every year I see Alabuga Polytech growing and developing. I see more people in the audience. Now there are practically three rifle battalions sitting in front of me» Isaev noted the growth and development of the educational center. - I saw the eyes of the guys, and their interest. I tried to bring to them not only simple things from the textbook, but also those points that will be useful in everyday life. I try to convey general principles through the prism of the Great Patriotic War».

As a reminder, the paintball tournament at Alabuga Polytech is aimed at military-patriotic education of the younger generation, formation of combat brotherhood, as well as the development of the ability to prove oneself, willingness to step out of the comfort zone and take responsibility for their actions. Moreover, paintball allows college students to better understand the historical significance of the feats of those who fought for their homeland, as well as helps develop the skills and qualities necessary to work in the company. Freshmen learn effective communication and decision making in stressful situations.

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