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Effective partnership - the Governor of Novgorod region about the collaboration with Alabuga SEZ


The Governor of Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin told about an effective collaboration with Alabuga SEZ. According to him, once Novgorodskaya SEZ was established, it triggered investment appeal for the whole region.

“Today there are seven residents at Novgorodskaya SEZ. The total volume of the stated investment is 4.7 billion rubles, and the zone will provide 717 jobs. In December 2023, the production building of SEZ will be completed. All infrastructure facilities shall be commissioned in December 2024,” pointed out Nikitin in his interview to Vedomosti.

“We are building our economic zone in collaboration with SEZ Alabuga.” What is the result? There are many special economic zones in Russia. But there is a very little number of special zones with such a great reputation on the local and a global market. They had a queue of the potential residents instantly. SEZ Alabuga supports us with necessary information, consults us, helps us to manage Novgorodskaya SEZ, and hire staff. It is definitely an effective cooperation.”

According to Timur Shagivaleev, CEO of Alabuga SEZ, the leadership of the Novgorod region is ready to think outside the box and make decisions to develop the region. The Alabuga team is provided with everything needed for work. “A free hand was given to our team to work following the same values as we follow at Alabuga. We therefore believe that our experience can be used in Novgorod,” pointed out Shagivaleev earlier.

Novgorodskaya SEZ under the supervision of Alabuga SEZ was established in 2021 as a result of a signed agreement between Alabuga SEZ and the Novgorod region.

Novgorodskaya SEZ has a unique location between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg that, in combination with the Alabuga’s experience in investment attraction and management, makes Novgorodskaya SEZ more appealing for investment and the state.

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