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If you do not help your child, no one will - Yuliya Makaricheva about the importance of psychological support


In the framework of the Republic’s psychology week, a clinical psychologist Yuliya Makaricheva met with college students’ parents online, answered the parents’ questions, and shared her opinion.

Important issues regarding children were discussed at the meeting. They talked about the nuances of teenagers and the peculiarities of education at Alabuga Polytech, about the differences between generation Z (today’s teens) and generation X (their parents), and what kind of parent fits generation Z.

Besides, they discussed the issues of upbringing and communication between parents and teenagers, talked about the shaping of professional skills, education and relationships, and shared their views on the role of parents in a child’s further development.

The students of Alabuga Polytech College study in a dual program, which is really intense: they gain knowledge and work in their specialty in companies. Once they graduate, they are already high-value and competitive professionals because they already have work experience. However, at any college at any time, students can experience high stress, and they might need the help of a psychologist.

The psychologist told the parents in detail about the factors that might have an impact on generation Z teens’ personality formation: information overload, easy access to social networks, and weak social and spiritual institutes.

There is no doubt that today’s generation is completely different. It is crucial to pay attention so they can channel their energy in the right direction. We need resource parents’ support in this case.

Yuliya Makaricheva the psychologist at "Alabuga Polytech" underlines the importance of self-help and psychic health: “In today’s reality, if you do not self-help and do not help your child, no one will help.” Also she pointed out that one must know the age peculiarities of a child and be a friend to a child.

The psychologist shared effective techniques of psychological self-help and checklist on how to build communication with teens.

At the end of the meeting the psychologist called upon the parents to maintain two main characteristics that are necessary in today’s world: “Kindness and intelligence. It is crucial to teach kids to be humans and to see humans in others”.

It should be mentioned that the majority of Alabuga Polytech’s students are not local. That is why the educational center takes care, especially about the mental state of the students and their parents, who are far from their children, and also helps the students get used to the new life stage.

The parents of the College students were delighted with the seminar.

“What a great psychologist our children have! I was skeptical about this topic, but now I know that it is important that students shall consult professionals, especially those who are under stress, in panic and in despair,” said one student’s mother.

Makaricheva also shared her impressions of the seminar:

“The feedback was really good. The parents were involved and saw their children in different light. I am receiving many questions, so I going to have these seminars once every 3 month.”

In the frame of the psychology week, the psychologist also gave a training and a meeting called “How to come to terms with parents and peers?”, “How to tackle negative emotions?” and “How to build confidence?” According to the psychologist, the students are willing to explore their minds deeper.

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