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Large-scale production of AURUS Komendant SUV started in SEZ Alabuga


On November 26, on the site of SEZ «Alabuga» the process of serial production of AURUS Komendant cars was started. The plant was visited by Denis Manturov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan.

The AURUS Komendant is the first Russian luxury SUV that will be fully manufactured in Russia. Components are mainly supplied by Russian manufacturers.

The Aurus Komendant commercializing The most complicated technological processes have been started up as fast as possible, and a year and a half after the plant began its work in Alabuga, a new car model is already being put into production.

According to Rustam Minnikhanov, the Republic of Tatarstan has all the conditions for implementing such large-scale projects:

«The most important thing is people. In the SEZ «Alabuga» there is the largest center for training skilled workers «Alabuga Polytechnic». Its target capacity is 10 thousand high profile specialists a year. This is a very big work», - Rustam Minnikhanov emphasized.


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