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Rustam Minnikhanov: «Alabuga» corporate university should be continued


Corporate University of the special economic zone «Alabuga» is an advanced project that allows to get the unique experience, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov said at the meeting with the graduates of this educational program, held today in the administrative and business center of the SEZ.

Corporate University «Alabuga» is a unique educational program that is running in a special economic zone from 1-st of February 2016. The main idea of the program is the transfer of expertise from highly skilled world-class leaders who work in the factories of the resident companies.

Within three months 25 students selected from 1,600 applicants from all over Russia studied in the special economic zone with experience of creation and functioning of the enterprises of Russian and foreign companies. Students visited all the 22 plants operating in the «Alabuga», met with their leaders. Also master classes, workshops were conducted for students, lectures were employees of SEZ administration. During training, each student has developed his own project — applied to any area of activity of special economic zone. And at the end of the program the authors presented their projects in front of the SEZ management.

Today, in the final day of training, corporate university students met with the President of Tatarstan. Three of them presented their projects to Rustam Minnikhanov personally. They talked about the wallpaper production prospects in the SEZ «Alabuga», about potential needs of hothouse in the SEZ territory of the third stage and about trends in management company financial performance.

Tatarstan President highly appreciated the report and promised that all student projects will be carefully learned by the republic’s leadership.

«I believe that each our large company should have a similar corporate university — Rustam Minnikhanov said. — It is necessary to invite promising young people who are able to bring something new».

«We need to make sure that graduates will not lost in the future — whether they will work in the SEZ» Alabuga", or in residents companies — Rustam Minnikhanov said. — This trend should be maintained«.

He thanked the residents of the special economic zone for participation in the program. «In the lecture rooms you will not get such knowledge. Only highly experienced people that have a lot of completed projects, can reveal you things that can not be obtained in theory», — President of Tatarstan addressed the graduates.

«Alabuga» is one of the most innovative and promising areas of our country, and you show a good and positive the results", — Rustam Minnikhanov said in the conclusion of the meeting and wished success of the SEZ management.

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