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A new building for Rockwool will be built by a subsidiary company of the SEZ "Alabuga"

Today in the SEZ «Alabuga» the ceremony of starting construction of a new plant for the production of substrates «Grodan» was held. The initiator and investor was LLC «Rockwool-Volga» — the current resident of the SEZ «Alabuga». The company plans to invest 500 million rubles in the new project. The construction contractor will be the subsidiary company of the SEZ «Alabuga», created specifically to provide construction services to residents.
The project for the mineral wool substrates production was initiated by Rockwool Russia, a resident of the SEZ «Alabuga», and Rockwool International A/S. This investment is an import substitution project, as now Grodan substrates are supplied from Holland. The manager of the factory «Rockwool-Volga» Maxim Vasiliev noted that there are analogues of «Grodan» in the Russian market, however, they do not correspond in quality.
President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov: «Rockwool is our strategic resident, who has been working successfully since 2012. The company’s product will ensure not only the needs of our republic, but also the markets of the Russian Federation. »
«Rockwool has 28 plants around the world, of which 4 in Russia. We decided to invest here, in „Alabuga“, because there is our last successful project here, which was implemented on time and very well. I think that the investment here will pay off» — Maxim Vasiliev said.
The construction will be carried out by the company «Alabuga Development», a subsidiary of JSC «SEZ PPT» Alabuga ", established to provide construction services to residents of the special economic zone. The Rockwool project will be the first order for the new organization. The building for the new production line will be attached to the existing plant. It is planned to complete the construction in the summer of 2018.

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