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The localisation rate of Ford engines has reached 78% in the Russian plant

Ford Sollers has announced that the localisation rate of the 1.6 litres Ford Duratec engines, manufactured in Russia (SEZ «Аlabuga»), has reached 78%. The high level of localisation has been achieved, due to the production volumes of the engine factory in Elabuga. More than 30,000 powertrains have been manufactured up to today, a significant part of which is produced in Russia from Russian raw materials.

The increase in the localisation level of the power unit, popular amongst Russian clients, makes it possible to improve the economic efficiency of production and reduce the effects of the exchange rate fluctuations on costs.

The following engine components have been localised until today: cylinder blocks, сylinder heads, main bearing caps, pistons assembled with rings and pins, spark plugs, crankshafts, engine oil for the initial filling on the conveyor.

The time-tested, naturally aspirated 4-cylinder 1.6 litres Duratec engines are manufactured in different forcing variants in Russia. The 85-125 hp Duratec engines are used in Ford Fiesta compact hatchbacks and sedans, EcoSport compact crossovers, as well as the bestselling Ford model in Russia: Focus, the sales of which increased by 8% in 2016 and by 21% during the first half of 2017, despite the declining tendency in C-segment sales. The 30,000th engine has been assembled in the plant at the end of June.

Ford Sollers engine factory, established in Elabuga in 2015 in SEZ «Alabuga», has become the first foreign brand engine production plant in Russia. The new plant is installed with the most modern high-tech equipment and the automation of production reaches 95%. The engine production includes the machining of the crankshaft, cylinder heads and blocks, assembly line, as well as the quality control line. The equipments in all workshops comply with the world standards of Ford, in productivity, environmental friendliness and safety.

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