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"Alabuga" launches the reconstruction of the heating network complex


SEZ "Alabuga" has started the first stage of reconstruction of its own heating network complex. A tender for design and survey works to expand the boiler plant and the construction of block-modular boiler houses has been announced. The cost of this stage will be more than 25 million rubles. The purpose of large-scale reconstruction is to increase the efficiency and reliability of heat supply for residents of the SEZ.

As part of the reconstruction of the heating network complex, the existing heat power plant in the territory of "Alabuga" will be replaced by new energy-efficient block-modular boiler-houses - in addition to the residents of the special economic zone, they will also be connected to “Elaz” and enterprises on the industrial site "Alabuga", which now receive heat from the CHP. After the construction of block-modular boiler houses, the old heat power plant will be decommissioned.

The need for reconstruction of heat power plant is caused by excessive costs for its maintenance, which are not covered by the regulating tariff. Now the out-of-date equipment of the power plant operates only in the boiler-house mode with the installed heat output of 420 Gcal/h, while the load does not exceed 10 percent of the maximum capacity. As a result of the reconstruction, "Alabuga" will increase the efficiency of its heating network complex and will make heat supply more reliable for the connected enterprises.

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