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Products from “Alabuga” will go to China

One of the new export routes of Kastamonu in 2017 is China. The woodworking enterprise from «Alabuga» has shipped a batch of laminated flooring produced at the plant in the Alabuga SEZ by railway containers. Let us remember that products by Kastamonu are already exported to the markets of Central Asia, the Baltic states, the Balkans and South Caucasus, as well as to the Republic of Belarus and Moldova.

The designed capacity of laminate production is 35 million m2, and the company is planning to reach this capacity in 2018. Also, after the launch of the second production line in 2016, the production capacity of MDF/HDF boards exceeded 1 million m3 per year.

«Following the approved development strategy, we continue not only to ramp up production, but also to systematically extend the export geography,» noted Ali Kılıç, General Director of the Kastamonu plant in Russia. «Now, even despite the decrease in the Russian laminate market, the situation is very favourable. Suppliers from Europe and China do not meet competition in terms of the price/quality ratio, and our products enjoy increased demand outside Russia. Even such a specific laminate market full of local manufactures as the Chinese market, became accessible for us.»

Let us note that in addition to Asia, the European CE quality certificate and the FSC certificate allow Kastamonu to optimistically look at the EU markets. Today about 60 per cent of products of the plant are sold in Russia, and 40 per cent of products are exported to the near- and far-abroad countries.

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