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SEZ "Alabuga" will spend more than 243 million rubles for the modernization of Elabuga water supply


"Alabuga" continues works on reconstruction and modernization of Elabuga water supply and sewerage. A tender for the modernization of 8 sewage pumping stations and the construction of a new reservoir of drinking water for 20,000 cubic meters has been announced. Modernization of water and sewage networks "Alabuga" leads at the expense of its own funds.

At the next stage of reconstruction and modernization of the sewerage system in Elabuga, obsolete equipment will be replaced at 8 sewage pumping stations. Stations will be largely automated, and the equipment will be managed using dispatching systems. Also construction of a new reservoir of drinking water with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters at a water treatment plant is planning. Now there is one such tank at the water purification station, in case of an emergency shutdown of the water supply from the water intake, this stock is enough for a day. After the construction of an additional tank, a constant supply of drinking water for enterprises of the SEZ "Alabuga" and residents of Elabuga will double.

During modernization works, sewer networks in the center of Elabuga will also be reconstructed. At the moment, the collector does not function there after the failure of the networks. Works on reconstruction, modernization and construction are planned to be completed by July 2019. The total cost of works is 243.6 million rubles.

In 2017, the SEZ Alabuga upgraded more than 1.5 km of water supply and sewerage networks, replaced about 3 km of sewage networks, a filter element at a water treatment plant. Also, shut-off valves in the water pipeline are replaced - new equipment allows not to allow a mass outage of water in the city; In cases of accidents, only the fragments of the water conduit are cut off with the new shut-off valve.

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