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Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Development Corporation visits SEZ Alabuga


The representatives of AO Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Development Corporation visited Alabuga SEZ. The delegation included Deputy Director General for Strategy and Development Anton Garanin, Director of Directorate for Development of SEZ Olga Tikhonova, Director of Directorate for Communication Policies and Marketing Dmitriy Druzhkin. The visit took place within the framework of collaborative work of regional development institutes.    

Guests watched a presentation of the key figures of Alabuga SEZ, and the project of Ethylene-600 Industrial Park. It is a window of opportunity for manufacturers of low-tonnage and medium-tonnage chemistry to gain access to petrochemical raw materials.

Garanin expressed his joy about the fact that the regions are not far from each other and they cooperate, and he wished for further collaboration. According to him, they, as the developing company, are willing to learn about the best practices that Alabuga SEZ uses and other aspects of work.

After the presentation, the delegates had a visit to Alabuga Polytech Educational Center, with a design capacity of 10,000 people annually. The College offers a dual education system, where students in the first half of the day work on modern equipment under the supervision of the best engineers from SEZ Alabuga’s resident companies, and in the second half study at the secondary special education college. The guests saw “Robopallets”, a cutting edge technological training center, where college students program robots and manage the production process.

The delegation representatives valued the potential of company’s staff. “We will aim to this kind of success. Our special economic zone has just started developing, and we do understand that the workforce is an important factor. We would like to maintain the staff in the young region. It is great that the students will really be hired once studies end,” said Tikhonova.

Let us remind, that SEZ Alabuga is a full-cycle partner with the best utility, construction, personnel, and social infrastructure. There are over 30 unique import-substituting producers on the territory of the special economic zone–the leaders in their fields. The total amount of the investment is 164 billion rubles; more than 12 thousand jobs were created, and the revenue of the residents reached 138 billion rubles.

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